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What Is a 6011 Welding Rod Used For?

What Is a 6011 Welding Rod Used For
6011 welding rod is a kind of welding rod that can be used to weld low carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It is a kind of low alloyed stainless steel welding rod with a melting point of 1,100°C (2,010°F). The tensile strength and yield strength are between 50-55MPa (7-8Kgf/mm2) and 28-32MPa (4.3-5.1Kgf/mm2),
Weld Aluminum with a Stick Welder
Aluminium is a very popular metal in the fabrication field. It is usually found in the form of a thin sheet or plate. Most fabrication shops will manufacture their own aluminium sheets, by rolling or extruding the metal through a rolling mill. It is also possible to purchase new aluminium sheets from a metal supply

Welding Rig Truck: How To Set It Up

Welding Rig Truck
A welding rig truck is a vehicle that is equipped with a number of necessities needed for both the professional and home welder. It can include workbenches, power sources, storage cabinets, and a high-quality ventilation system to help reduce the amount of fumes. Welding Rigs are an important part of any welding project. Welding Rigs

Welder Pick Up Lines

Welder Pick Up Lines
If you are like me, you have probably been on a few dates with women who are in the same type of business as you are. I know from experience that it is not as easy as people think, to meet a nice woman with your same interests. Before I tell you how to pick