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Welding Sparks And Spatter
If you’ve ever dealt with a welding project in the past, you’ll be well aware of the frustration when a substantial amount of spatter has, well, splatted all over your work. This frustration only multiplies when factoring in the time needed to remove the issue. The good news is there’s a solution, but what is anti-spatter spray exactly?
For most, the mention of AC/DC evokes memories of a certain rock band. For welders, it means comparing two different electric currents that are used during the welding process. There's just one question: What's the difference between AC and DC welding?
brass and bronze welding example
In the welding world, it is essential that you know how to identify between brass and bronze. Even though they share certain properties and may look the same, there are significant differences between the two metals. For instance, if you purchase brass but actually required bronze for your project, this could pose a significant problem. Their differences mean that each one is only a suitable fit for certain applications.
Good Plug Weld Example
Having an understanding of all the different welding types is key to becoming a welder that stands above the rest. One of the easiest welding types every welder should learn is the Plug or Rosette Weld. This is especially true for anyone wishing to go into the automotive manufacturing industry. But what exactly is a plug weld and how do you even make it?