Best Underwater Welding Schools In The US

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Underwater Welding is one of the riskiest jobs in the industry but it is also one of the high paying welding jobs too. As an underwater welder, you will spend your time mostly installing and repairing rigs and pipes while submerged for various lengths of time. Since you’ll be underwater, you will need proper diving and welding training and certifications. We gathered a list of the best underwater welding schools in the US where you can find all the training and experience you need.

Underwater Welding Schools


Phone Number: 888-974-2232

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the CDA Technical Institute is an accredited commercial diving school. They are one of the few commercial diving schools in the US to offer on-campus housing as well. This means students will be able to live on campus while they complete the programs. The school is also owned and run by an active commercial.

The CDA Technical Institute offers students wishing to become an underwater welder a rigorous 20-week program. Graduates of this program will be obtained very useful skills, even ones that go beyond commercial diving. Some of the skills students will learn to include installing and repairing pipelines, operating underwater tools, underwater salvage, and much more.


Phone Number: 1-800-238-3483

Since 1977, the Divers Academy International has been providing students with quality education and on the field training to be a commercial diver. They have been known to set standards in their industry with many accomplishments. The campus offers students an 11,000 square foot classroom, a barge with over 20 diver stations and much more.

The programs that the Divers Academy International provides for students are well-known. They offer a single tuition cost, so students aren’t bombarded with a bunch of fees for each course or certification. They also offer an accelerated program so students can expect to graduate in just six-months.


Phone Number: 800-634-8377

Next on our list is the Divers Institute of Technology. Founded in 1968, this school provides students with not just training in underwater welding but a well-balanced education in diving. This opens up so many more career opportunities than an education at a different underwater welding school would.

The education you will receive at the Divers Institute of Technology is like no other school. They are one of the few schools in the United States that offer an International Certification. This gives graduates a bit more career opportunities. You will also be trained by very experienced instructors on the field in open water.


Phone Number: 843-740-1124

The International Diving Institute is another great school to consider if you want to pursue a career as a commercial diver. The school, which is located in Charleston, SC, offers students assisted housing and student aid finance. They also offer veterans other benefits to help them start life in the civilian world.

The commercial diving program lasts 16 weeks or 640 hours. In the program, students will be taught in smaller class sizes in order to get more quality time with experienced instructors. Some of the skills graduates learn here include topside welding, diving physiology, and offshore oilfield diving.


Phone Number 800-432-3483

The National University Polytechnic Institute located in San Diego, California, is an amazing commercial diving school. They offer students an affordable hand son training program. Students will be provided realistic environments, so they can be prepared when they start their careers.

The facilities on campus are unlike any other. The school has four different training locations along with a 44,000-gallon diving tank. They also have industrial piers, harbors, and an offshore diving vessel. With all these resources available to students, they are able to get an extensive and well-rounded education.


Phone Number: 1-800-321-0298

Since 1969, The Ocean Corporation has been providing students with a comprehensive and rigorous education to students. Boasted a lot of achievements, the school has an excellent track record of innovation in the commercial diving industry.

Their Ultimate Diver Training program they offer is where students will gain the experience and skills they need for their careers. Those skills include offshore oilfield diving operations, recompression chamber operations, inland diving operations, and a lot more. If you choose to go to The Ocean Corporation, you’ll be safe knowing you’re getting the quality education you need.

Best Underwater Welding Schools in US

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