5 Best Welding Electrode Manufacturer Companies

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Welding electrodes are thin metal wires that are heated until they emit light and then plunged into a piece of metal to be welded. The heat of the welding process seals the metal together.

The long wires of welding electrodes can be connected to the welding machine. The heat of the welding process will flow through the welding electrodes. That is why welding electrodes is an important part of the process. A good welding electrode manufacturer will be able to provide you with detailed specs.

What are the Types of Welding Electrodes?

There are 2 different types of welding electrodes that are commonly used. The first one is consumable welding electrodes, and the second one is non-consumable welding electrodes. Each type has their own characteristics and functions.

Consumable Welding Electrodes

The welding electrodes are important for sticking the metal parts. This type contains flux that can produce additional barriers in the weld process. However, the type of consumable welding electrodes will be consumed during the process of welding.

If the welding is totally melted during the process, you need to add another electrode to the machine. Related to consumable welding electrodes, there are 2 types of consumable welding electrodes.

●      Light coated welding electrodes

What is meant by the name ‘light coated electrodes’? These are thin wires that are coated in a thin layer with a thin layer of oil, which is applied by spraying or brushing.

They consist of several types of material. But they all have very different characteristics. On the inside of the welding rig, the filler material is very similar to metal.

The coating layer, we are able to eliminate the impurities of oxide and also sulphur. In that way, you will get the best welding quality. The method is also possible to consistently melt the material in order to make smooth and reliable weld beads.

As a result, the slag that is produced is not very thick. Shielded arc electrodes resemble a bit of coated electrodes. The biggest difference is that these two have a bolder coating than the other ones. These kinds of electrodes are fits for welding more parts, such as casting iron and sintering.

●      Bare welding electrodes

A very unstable arc can result when you use bare electrodes. It is possible to get a light coating on the arc, thereby allowing you to work easier. Bare electrodes are not suitable for all types of applications, because the welding result is not very strong. In fact, they are the ones that are applied for manganese steel welding.

●      Shielded arc welding electrodes

These shielded arc electrodes consist of three different kinds of coatings, each of which serves a different purpose. Some coatings contain cellulose, and they use a gas layer for protect the welding area. The other type of coating is one that uses minerals to make slag. On the third coating, they added a mix of cellulose and minerals to make it stronger.

The additional gas layer is effective to protecting the area from corrosion. That also makes the result stronger and more reliable for a long term. When welding heated parts, it is important that they are protected from airborne gases, especially nitrogen and oxygen. Those components easily react to oxygen and the air.

Non-consumable welding electrodes

Non-consumable welding electrodes are easier to use, because they do not melt during the welding process. There are two types of non-consumable welding electrodes.

●      Carbon welding electrodes

Some people have used carbon electrodes for the welding process. It is made of carbon-graphite. It is possible for it to be covered with a layer or leave it bare.

Carbon electrodes are mostly used for military equipment. There are no official rules about this, but until now, carbon electrodes are still used for military specifications.

●      Tungsten welding electrodes

Pure tungsten welding electrodes consist of  zirconium, thorium and some other materials. So there are some electrodes that are not consumable, and they are made from tungsten.

These are the electrodes that are rarely used in the welding process. The result from the tungsten welding process is not really strong.

What is The Best Welding Electrode Manufacturer?

Here is the list of 5 best welding electrode manufacturers from all around the world.

●     ESAB from Sweden

ESAB is a Swedish company founded in 1904. It had been more than 100 years. The founder was Ole Roos. Chellberg is a man who invented the coated welding electrode. On the market today, the company is considered to be a leader in manufacturing equipment and also producing materials for welding. The company has 30 enterprises, all of which are in some countries. Each of them produces different kinds of products. In recent years, ESAB has become very famous because of the quality and also the innovation for the new welding products.

●     Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel is one of the best companies in Japan. Since being founded in 1911, the company has manufactured various products. The trademark of the company is Kobelco. Because of that, we have firmly established ourselves as the leading supplier of welding materials, such as multicomponent alloys, and welding electrodes as well. Because they always maintain their products’ quality, the company was able to attain recognition worldwide.

●     Capilla

Capilla is a German company that has experience of producing welding electrodes for more than 50 years. Their products are welding electrodes and other welding materials. This company also produces the most valuable products. Their welding products are used in more than 35 countries all around the world.

●     S.I.A. “RESANTA”

S.I.A is a famous Latvian manufacturer that started manufacturing in Riga city in 1993. In the United States, electrodes are sold under the name of Resanta. Their products of welding materials and equipment are repeatedly getting prestigious awards at major international exhibitions. The company also produces electrodes for welding materials for structure.

●     Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric is well-known as one of the leading producers of welding and cutting tools. There are more than 40 companies that are located in North America. Their offices are located in more than 100 countries, including in Russia. John C is the founder who started to run the company in 1895. Lincoln was the first company that produced electric engines. Now, welding equipment is one of their main products. That is why they can offer a large scale of welding equipment including welding electrodes.

All the companies produce the best products for welding electrodes. Until now, welding electrodes are still used for many purposes either for industrial purposes and also for individual needs.

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