Best Welding Schools In Southern California

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Best welding schools in southern california

More and more people are turning to weld as a career every day. It’s no wonder why, with less schooling than other good-paying careers and high paying entry-level positions, a welding career can be very appealing. If you want to pursue welding as a career you will most likely be overwhelmed with all the choices you have when it comes to your education. Luckily we’ve gathered a list of all the best welding schools in Southern California.

Southern California Welding Schools


Phone Number: 909-476-4149

The first school in our list is the Welding Skills Test & Training Center. The school offers a lot of different welding programs that are geared towards both individuals and businesses. These programs are designed to be a fast track toward welding certifications.

Even though the programs are speedy, students are provided with an excellent education. With mostly hands-on training, students will learn all the skills they need for an entry-level position. These programs are offered to students at an extremely affordable price as well.


Phone Number: 909-334-2378

Located in Los Angeles County, the Welding Certification Center is the only private technical school in the country. With an authorized LADBS Testing Facility, the school is able to let students take their performance exams on campus. Along with performance exams, students are able to get various welding certifications.

At the school, students will learn about structural weldings like structural stool, structural aluminum, and more. Students will also be instructed on the numerous welding processes, such as stick welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, and many others.


Phone Number: 714-992-7000

Founded in 1913, Fullerton College is one of the oldest community colleges in California. They are well-known in the area for having some of the highest transfer and graduation rates. The high rates are thanks to their student-centered approach that gives its students the training and skills they need.

For students pursuing a future in welding, the school offers an amazing welding program. Upon completion, students will gain experience in at least one or more welding processes. Besides experience, students will be trained to apply relevant safety practices.


Phone Number: (310) 241-4800

Even though the Harbor Occupational Center isn’t a big college like some of the schools listed, it still offers students the skills and experience needed in the industry. They are a Division of Adult and Career Education and offer adults various programs, job placement assistance, and career technical education training. The center also offers High School diploma classes.

For anyone on a budget, the welding classes offered here are extremely affordable. Even with an affordable price, the welding classes will provide students with all the skills they need to get started. Some of the skills learned include gas metal arc welding, groove welds, and carbon arc cutting.


Phone Number: 714-241-5700

For over 100 years the Santa Ana College has provided with the highest quality education and guidance to students. They are one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the United States. With around 30,000 students per semester. Students are given the training and knowledge to succeed in their career paths.

Welding students will be given training in all common welding methods. Students will also get experience in operating and applying different welding equipment. Graduates are able to test for different certifications at the school, including SMAW, FCAW, TIG, and MIG welding.


Phone Number: 800-834-7308

With several locations all around the nation, including Southern California, Universal Technical Institute provides a hands-on learning experience for students. Students from UTI will benefit from their partnerships with leading manufacturers. They help UTI build a better curriculum for students.

Universal Technical Institute’s welding program runs 36-weeks, preparing students in less than a year. The welding program itself was designed alongside Lincoln Electric, which lets the students get the appropriate experience for their careers. The experience gained here will prepare the students for careers in the construction, structural, and fabrication industries.


Phone Number: (310) 224-4200

SoCal ROC is the last school on our list and is another great place to get a hands-on welding experience. They offer four different welding programs with each being more advanced than the last. Completing the programs prepares students for the 3G & 4G Structural Certification Exams.

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