Christmas Welding Projects That Everyone Will Love

It's not uncommon for the average person to have some extra time at home away from work during the holiday season. For some of us welders, the extra time off is often used honing our welding skills. This is thanks to the endless amount of Christmas welding projects you can find online. Even if you're just looking for welding projects you can sell for your side business. You'll always have something you can make during your free time.

Christmas Welding Projects

Welded Horseshoe Snowman

Welded Reindeer Planter Project

Horseshoe Christmas Tree Welding Project

Snowman Made From Gears And Sprockets

Easy Welded Snowflake Ornament

Simple Three Ring Snowman Welding Project

Easy Metal Christmas Reindeers

Welded Horseshoe Christmas Wreath

Anyone planning on trying out any of these or other welding projects for Christmas while you're at home, don't forget to wear at least some basic protection. The last thing you want is to spend your time off recovering from severe welding burns.

If you have any welding projects for Christmas that you made and want to show off to the world, share it with us on our Facebook page! And let us know if there are any other projects that you think deserved a spot on our list.

Christmas Welding Projects