Even More Welding Projects To Sell From Home

One of the great things about being a welder is that you can have a career out of making welding projects to sell right from your garage . The only downside is trying to come up with different welding projects to make money. In order to help everyone out with this problem, we’ve gathered some popular choices among welders who work from home. 

Welding Projects To Sell

R2D2 Star Wars Welding Project

Simple Welded Steel Project to Sell

Easy Welded Propane Tank Pig

Welded Propane Tank Bee Yard Art

Double Heart Valentines Day Welding Project

Welded Horshoe Garden Hose Holder

Old Milk Jug Pig Welding Sculpture

Horseshoe Pumpkin Fall Welding Project

Custom Welded Jet ski Stand

One thing you should have noticed with our guide is that if you decide to make money welding from home, you'll have a couple of ways to go about it. One way would be to make your own custom creations, like the animal sculptures. Another way would be to make custom creations for customers. Or you could do a combination of both!

Even if you don't end up making any of these projects, they should at least help point you in the right direction. The yard art and decor projects are especially popular and sell well around the holiday season. And if you don't know where to even sell your creations, the Facebook Marketplace and Etsy should be your first stop.

Welding Projects To Sell And Make Money