Famous Female Welders

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The welding industry is filled with talented and skilled individuals. Their talents are a result of their dedication to their craft and they show it through their dedication, hard work, organization, commitment and their perseverance to achieve success.

A female welder is one of the most interesting people a guy could ever meet. They are strong, talented and beautiful. Today, we are going to list the top female welders that came up with some amazing achievements in their career.

Read through this article and know more about them. We will also inform you about other important facts about them which you should know about them. Their amazing achievements will definitely inspire you to become like them or even better…you may consider becoming a female welder in your life!

Why are there so few famous female welders?

Typically, the welding industry consists of mostly males. This gender gap might be due to the fact that females are often better at sewing and caring for children. In fact, this is a commonly quoted reason by those who are against women in the welding industry. The majority of welders are men and that makes it difficult for women to get a foothold into the industry.

Women are able to compete just as well as men in the welding industry, but more often than not they are the ones who are overlooked and this is due to their gender.

The women on this list are some of the most famous female welders who helped shape the industry and make it better. These women’s skills made them famous and it is their dedication to the industry and their welding skills that help make them famous.

Most famous Female Welders

1. Ericka Heckman

Ericka Heckman, a 21 year old female welder from Knoxville, Tennessee, is always up for a new challenge. She has been welding since she was 16 years old. She is now one of 18 teens selected to represent the United States at WorldSkills 2015, an international competition that will take place in Brazil.

She started welding at the age of 16, after she took a class that her high school teacher recommended. She has been welding professionally for two years now and is getting ready to take her certification test. She also has a passion for the outdoors, and she spends her time hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Recently she competed in the SkillsUSA National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky. At this event she was part of a team that won the gold medal for the manufacturing competition. They competed against other students in their field and had to complete a cypher test where they had to solve problems while working on a live project.

She will be headed to Brazil in August along with five other students to represent the United States. She has found a new passion for welding and hopes to keep it as her career.

2. Pa’Trice Frazier

Pa’Trice Frazier is a 34-year-old master welder and instructor. She grew up in South Jersey by her grandmothers. She started college but found she was better with her hands. She became specialized in TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding — a precise and detailed form of welding often used on engines, artwork, and thin metals — and at holding her own on job sites.

Frazier is among just 5% of welders nationwide who are women. Her favorite job was working on the hand rails for Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Super Bowl was held last year.

As she worked on developing her business plan for her company, Weld Jointed, Frazier — who dreams of opening her own welding academy — took a job teaching welding at the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute.

3. Marites Casao

Marites Casao is a welder from the Philippines who has been commuting to Taiwan for almost a decade, first as a contract laborer and then as an employee of AG&P Gas Logistics.

She is now employed at the AG&P’s welding department in Taichung, where she has been placed in charge of the welding team. In her current position, she is responsible for supervising and training other welders.

Marites wanted to work in the welding industry because of the good pay that is offered and because she believed that the industry was one where women could see themselves accomplishing something for their families and becoming something important to society. “I wanted my [future] children to be proud of their mother’s career.”

4. Sue Silverstein

Sue Silverstein is a welding instructor at MATC. She began her career in welding as an apprentice in the 1980s at Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. She received her Associate in Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology from MATC and now works with students as an instructor for the Welding Diploma Program. Silverstein has also spent time working with Girl Scouts, and serves on the board of the Wisconsin Welding Society.

Silverstein is also a member of the Wisconsin Women in Trades and Vocational Education (WITVE) as well as the American Welding Society E3 Committee.

She believes that women can find success in welding, and she is proud to be a member of the Welding Society. She is passionate about encouraging women to consider careers in the trades, as she was able to do herself.


We have seen some amazing women in this list. They were so talented that they could easily stand up to the men in their field. We are sure that you will like to know more about these amazing female welders. Keep visiting us to read about other amazing female welders in this list.

Being a welder is not an easy job, as its difficult to learn the basics and then go on learning more and more intricate details of welding. There are many different types of welding available, from simple pipe fitting or even repairing small gas lines right up to complex structural steel welding and even more complicated jobs such as building a large bridge or even a major dam. The two most common types of steel are mild steel and stainless steel, both having their own distinctive characteristics.

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