Hobart Impact Welding Helmet Review

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Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Welding Helmet ReviewAs the welding industry is diversifying, there is a need to create top notch protection gear for welders. Hobart is a renowned company for the manufacture and distribution of helmets for welding. They recently launched the Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet which comes as a comprehensive package and numerous of unique features at an affordable price. Even at first glance you can tell Hobart took the time in designing this helmet in order to fill in the gap that was felt from using the other helmets in the market.


During welding, a lot of light is produced and this can be harmful to your eyes. The main thing that welders look out for, is something that can protect their eyes from the harmful rays of light. This helmet has specifically been designed to protect you from the harmful rays of light. It is made using the most recent technology of the liquid-crystal display, LCD, lens. This lens protects your eyes as it absorbs light effectively and no blind flashes or discomfort is experienced as you work.


The Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet has a large viewing area of 7.05 in². This makes it very efficient during welding as you do not have to struggle with viewing your work as there is a sufficient view area. Additionally, the lens does not get foggy hence making it very clear when you are using it. It gives the welder a better view compared to other helmets, that form fog as you work, thus giving them the ability to be attentive to detail.


An auto-darkening lens is used in building this helmet. It usually stays at the light shade 3 which is subject to change on usage. When welding begins, it darkens accordingly in order to protect your eyes. It changes its darkening fast, at a speed of 1/25,000 second, and it has darker shades ranging from 8 to 13. This is efficient and effective in eye protecting from the light produced during welding. This helmet also encourages one to continue working, as one is not straining their eyes or one is not getting migraines because of the sharp light, even after working for long hours. The lens is also built uniquely to switch shades on and off automatically when light changes. It is important to note that because of this automatic shade change it is wise to store the helmet in dark places to avoid draining your battery.


A new design was formulated for this particular helmet. This is with the aim of increasing comfort for anyone who wears this helmet. To top it up, it is extremely light hence making it ideal to be worn for long hours without bringing about fatigue and neck strains. With long welding hours, one is assured of comfortability throughout.


The helmet is made in such a way that you can adjust the sensitivity limitlessly whenever you want by using the 3 arch sensors. This means that you have the freedom to keep turning the controls until you achieve your desired preference. To achieve this function of limitless adjustments, the controls are built with extreme sensitivity and a simple rotation goes a long way. This ability to adjust your preference using the 3 arch sensors for this helmet, most helmets have 2 arch sensors, is rare hence making this helmet unique.


In the welding industry, safety should be taken as a very important factor. Anything that gives you an extra safety measure is worth taking into consideration. This helmet is built in such a way that makes it easy for you to wear a hard hat if it is a work requirement.


Any person who has been in the welding industry will tell you that helmets are constantly falling down as you work. If you are new to this industry, it is probably the most frustrating thing you have to deal with. However, the design of this Hobart helmet has solved this nagging problem. The hinges can be tightened or loosened as you wish to make the face shield position itself the way you want it to. If you want it to stay up, it stays up and vice versa with a simple adjustment to the hinge. This makes it highly efficient and minimizes the levels of frustrations of the face shield falling as you work.


This helmet uses a lithium ion battery. It only uses one battery. This makes it cost effective because only one battery is used. Some lithium ion batteries are rechargeable, therefore, making it even more cost efficient depending on the brand you use.


This helmets can be used even in dim light due to its adaptable light feature. It can be used during Metal Inert Gas welding, Tungsten Inert Gas welding and Stick welding. All light that is produced during these types of welding can be well accommodated by this helmet.


This feature does not affect the usage of this helmet in anyway but it is good to acknowledge that it looks stylish and modern. Most welders will make a joke at their partner’s shabby looking helmet. You will not be in this category of people been laughed at as you will get compliments at work and this can also be good motivation towards work.


This helmet definitely offers a wide range of features and has great value for its price. It has shown its competitive nature among other helmets on the market with its additional benefits and well thought-of design for protection. With its outstanding sensitivity and protection features it makes welding easier. This way there is an increase in output and job satisfaction as no harm is endured to the eyes or neck.

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