Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet Review

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After getting my hands on the VegaView 2.5 and trying it out for a few months on some of my bigger jobs, I can see why my friends wouldn’t stop recommending it. I was instantly surprised by the crystal clear view and all the features it brings to the table. Continue reading to see my Optrel Vegaview 2.5 review, so you can decide for yourself whether or not this welding helmet is right for you.

  • 3 Arc Sensors
  • World Record ADF
  • Perfect View Grind Mode
  • Shade Range #8-12
  • Optional PAPR System

Optrel VegaView 2.5 Review


With a 4x lighter view, the VegaView 2.5 has the world record of having the lightest ADF out of any other helmet in the world. Even with that information and all the good things my friends were saying about it, I was still blown away by the crystal clear view.

The lighter view upgrade gives the VegaView 2.5 an outstanding shade level of 2.5 in light state, rather than the industry standard of 4. Combine that upgrade with Optrel’s special UV/IR filter, and you get a clear and true color view with shade levels 8 to 12. I was pretty surprised by how clear the grind mode was as well, even though I didn’t notice much of a difference compared to the Viking 3350.

Another minor bonus I found was how simple the controls for the ADF were. Even though I usually prefer digital controls, these external controls didn’t bother me much since they weren’t placed in an awkward spot like most other helmets. Plus, they never seemed to be in the way, so I didn’t have to worry about bumping them and messing up my settings or damaging the controls.

vegaview 2 5 shade level


Weighing only 17oz, the Optrel VegaView 2.5 was extremely light compared to other similar helmets on the market. I was surprised by how light it was since I thought it appeared to be bulky and cumbersome when I first saw it.

I was pretty wrong about it being bulky as well. The helmet shell ended up having an excellent shape that made it easy to fit in tight places. This unique design helped make the VegaView 2.5 perfect for overhead welding, which is what I spend a lot of my time doing.

One thing I did notice was that the headgear wasn’t exactly on par with the X6 headgear from Lincoln. However, it got the job done. I never had issues with the comfort of it even after extended use. Plus, the different adjustments it offered were perfect for what I needed.

Another thing that surprised me was how comfortable the VegaView 2.5 was with a hard hat. In my experience, it can be difficult at times to find a welding helmet that fits comfortably with a hard hat. However, thanks to Optrel’s hard hat adapter, I didn’t have to worry about adjusting my helmet constantly when I needed to use my hard hat.

Overall when it comes to comfort, the VegaView 2.5 surprised me. This helmet ended up being one of the few that I love using on longer jobs. When I was using it, I was always relieved that I didn’t have to worry about neck strain or continuously adjusting it.

Vegaview 2 5 Comfort


Like with all the welding helmets I review, I’m not going to talk about all the positive things. And when it comes to the VegaView 2.5, I did have some minor concerns.

The first little thing that bothered me was the grind indicator light. When wearing a hard hat with the VegaView 2.5, the light became difficult to see. Which was annoying from time to time, but it didn’t change my overall opinion on the quality.

One other concern I had was with how flimsy the VegaView 2.5 is, even though this is one of the reasons the helmet is so light and comfortable. I was afraid I had just spent all that money on a cheaply made helmet that’d fall apart the first time I’d bump it. However, it has proven itself to be pretty durable so far from all the jobs I’ve taken it to.


It should be no surprise by now that I think the VegaView 2.5 is a fantastic welding helmet. It has everything you need, no matter what type of job you’re working. If you’re a little concerned about the higher price tag like me, you have no real need to worry. With all the features, clarity, and overall quality, the VegaView 2.5 is a welding helmet you’ll get years of use out of. So it’s well worth the investment, plus Optrel offers a 2-year warranty.

Latest Price: $269.00

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How does the VegaView stand up to other popular welding helmets on the market today?

Optrel VegaView 2.5 vs e684

The Optrel e684 is essentially the “bigger brother” to the Optrel VegaView 2.5 with a much higher price tag. However, this higher price means better features with the same quality and durability you’d expect from an Optrel welding helmet.

One of the upgraded features includes a much better shade range from 4/5 to 13. Unlike the VegaView 2.5, the e684 even has an optional autopilot feature for the shade level that automatically adjusts the shade level. Another unique feature not found in the VegaView 2.5, is the Twilight function. This Twilight function dramatically reduces eye fatigue by restoring light more naturally.

Overall the choice between these two helmets comes down to your budget. If you have the money, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the e684 welding helmet. However, if you don’t have that high of a budget or want to save money, the VegaView 2.5 would still make a great choice.

Optrel VegaView 2.5 vs Panoramaxx

Our next comparison brings us to another one of Optrel’s popular products, the Panoramaxx welding helmet. Like the e684, this helmet also comes with a higher price tag but has much better features compared to the VegaView 2.5.

The first most significant feature that stands out with this helmet is the massive viewing field, especially compared to the VegaView 2.5. Even with a 6x larger viewing field than standard welding helmets, the Panoramaxx’s clarity was also better than the VegaView 2.5. Some other features not found in the VegaView 2.5 included a better shade range, twilight function, and an improved battery concept.

Deciding between these two helmets comes down to your budget like the e684. The Panoramaxx is definitely an improvement on the VegaView 2.5, especially if you’re looking for a welding helmet with a large viewing area.

Optrel VegaView 2.5 vs ESAB Sentinel

Figuring out which of these two welding helmets was probably one of my hardest choices. As some of you may know by now, the Sentinel A50 has been my go-to helmet for quite some time.

The price between these two helmets is essentially the same, with the VegaView 2.5 costing you slightly less. However, the Sentinel A50 does better when it comes to view and clarity, with a viewing area that’s somewhat bigger and better shade range levels. Plus, it also includes a high-quality touch screen and eight different memory settings.

In my opinion, I would also choose the Sentinel A50 over the VegaView 2.5. Even though the VegaView 2.5 is a great helmet, the Sentinel A50 brings so much more to the table for practically the same price.


Latest Price: $269.00

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Q: What type of batteries does the VegaView 2.5 use?
A: The VegaView 2.5 uses two CR2032 batteries.

Q: Can you use a cheater lens with the VegaView 2.5?
A: Yes you can. Optrel offers lense options for the VegaView2.5. However, the standard ones you’d find at most shops might not fit.

Q: Optrel VegaView 2.5 vs. Lincoln Viking 3350
A: Even though I love the clarity of the VegaView 2.5 I’d still choose the Viking 3350. The Viking 3350 still offers more features with an almost similar view clarity. 





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