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Hobart Pro Welding Helmet Review

Hobart 770753 Pro Variable Review
When it comes to welding or any type of metal work, making sure you're properly protected should be one of your number one priorities. This makes picking out a proper welding helmet a lot more tedious. Besides deciding on a price range, you'll want to make sure the helmet you choose has the perfect viewing area, great comfort and includes more features that help you make the perfect weld while not damaging your eyes.
Lincoln Viking 1840 Welding Helmet Review
No matter who you are or what type of job you're doing, safety should be your number one priority when it comes to welding. With safety being so important, choosing the right welding helmet can be a tedious job. Luckily Lincoln Electric is known for its high-quality and long-lasting products. Besides a couple of flaws, the Viking 1840 has exceeded my expectations, especially for a welding helmet under $200. In this review, I'll go over what makes the Lincoln Viking 1840 welding helmet so great, so you can decide if its right for you.
Miller Titanium 9400i Welding Helmet Review
Miller is one of the more well-known and leading companies when it comes to welding protective gear. Time and time again they have released top quality products with amazing features. Which is exactly the case for the Miller Titanium 9400i. This welding helmet has a great range of features that you won't find in other cheaper welding helmets, but with a higher price tag and some issues with comfort and weight, the Titanium 9400i might not be right for you.

Best Hobart Welding Helmets

Since 1917 Hobart has been testing and designing high-quality welding products from TIG welders to safety googles. Because of this, it’s no wonder their auto-darkening welding helmets are sought after for nearly all types of high-paying welding jobs and hobbyists. We decided to put together a list so you can see the best Hobart welding helmets for yourself.