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Pipe Welder Salary
Do you want to make a decent living and enjoy your work? If you are looking for a job that offers both stability and good pay, then you should consider becoming a pipe welder. Pipe welders and fitters work in the energy, water, manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and other industries. They work with large pipelines that

Welding Union – How To Join One?

Welding Union
If you have a desire to become a welder, or are already a welder, you will need to join a trade union. Joining a trade union is an important step for any worker and essential if you are looking to work in the welding industry. The reason for this is that trade unions are responsible
Welding Projects To Sell And Make Money
One of the great things about being a welder is that you can have a career out of making welding projects to sell right from your garage . The only downside is trying to come up with different welding projects to make money. In order to help everyone out with this problem, we’ve gathered some popular choices among welders who work from home.
Small Welding Projects From Scrap
Instead of seeing a pile of scrap as garbage, us welders see something different. We see material that can be repurposed for something. Whether that something is a Christmas welding project you've been wanting to make for someone special or to patch a hole in your old truck, the possibilities are nearly endless. For those needing some creative inspiration, we’ve included a list below of our favorite small welding projects from scrap metal that should help spark your creative side.