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Instead of going out and trying to find that perfect addition to your house, why not just make it? If you know your way around welding or have someone close to you that is an excellent welder, you can just make that ideal decor piece, rustic paper towel holder, or whatever else you're looking for. Not only can you use these easy welding projects for your house, but you can also even use these welding projects to make money!

Best Lincoln Welding Helmet

Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet Review
Lincoln Electric of the most well-known welding companies around today and there is a good reason why. For over 100 years they've been providing people with high-quality welding equipment. Most people in high-paying welding jobs prefer Lincoln's Viking series helmets, including myself. To make things easier for you, we put together a review for the best Lincoln welding helmets so you can decide which would would be best for you.
Best welding schools in southern california
More and more people are turning to weld as a career every day. It’s no wonder why, with less schooling than other good-paying careers and high paying entry-level positions, a welding career can be very appealing. If you want to pursue welding as a career you will most likely be overwhelmed with all the choices
Best Underwater Welding Schools in US
Underwater Welding is one of the riskiest yet rewarding jobs you can find. As an underwater welder you will spend your time mostly installing and repairing rigs and pipes while submerged for various lengths of time. Since you’ll be underwater, you will need proper diving and welding training and certifications. We gathered a list of