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Best Welder in the World – Who is it?

Best Welder in the World
When it comes to welders, they are always a competitive bunch. Everyone wants to be the best they can be. And there are a lot of people who want to become welders. However, how many of them know that welding is a profession and not just a hobby? It requires a lot of skill, technical
Certified Welder in California
If you want to work in a field that provides a stable income with good working conditions, then becoming a welder is the right career choice for you. Becoming a certified welder is a choice that takes commitment and dedication. Becoming a welder is very similar to becoming an electrician. Both are careers that require

What is a 2G Weld Test?

2G Weld Test
When it comes to welding a weld is an important part of making sure that the steel in the joint is protected from corrosion. In order to ensure that this protection, it is crucial for welders to have the correct equipment and techniques when welding. However, there are many types of welds and different methods

Average Lincoln Welding Machine Weight

Average Lincoln Welding Machine Weight
Lincoln Welding Machines are the most popular welding machine of all. They are manufactured to withstand continuous high-pressure. The Lincoln Welding Machines have a well-built and durable configuration which is easy to operate. They are very reliable and cost effective for the welder. The Lincoln Welding Machines are one of the most common welding machines