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Highest Paying Welding Jobs In The World

Highest Paying Welding Jobs In The World
Whether you’re just curious or you’re actually serious about finding a new career path, getting a job in the welding industry can be an incredibly smart move. To begin with, good welding schools are relatively cheaper compared to schooling for other careers with the same income.

What Is Slag In Welding

what is slag in welding
Slag is a byproduct of various welding processes. Essentially when the area you just welded cooled down, the remaining flux leftover is called the slag. The flux is very important when it comes to welding.

What Is Tack Welding

what is tack welding
Tack welding is an important welding process that most welders will become quite familiar with their careers. For anyone new to welding you might be asking yourself "What is Tack Welding?". Tack welds are essentially temporary welds that help to hold two metals in place. The main purpose of the Tack Weld is to hold the two pieces of metal in place while you apply the actual, final weld. The Tack Weld can be used instead of other means like a clamp. This lets you weld without the worry of your metals getting misaligned.

What is Heliarc Welding

what is heliarc welding
As many welders know, there are well over sixty different welding processes at their disposal. Even though welding is just simply the joining of metals, each process varies from one another. Welding processes vary depending on the types of pressure, equipment, and heat used. So what is Heliarc Welding?