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Best Welding Schools in Ohio

best welding schools in ohio
Welding has always been a popular career choice for a lot of people and it's no wonder why. With a wide-range of job choices and high-wages, welding is a great choice when it comes to your future. Now if you actually want to find a high-paying welding job you'll need schooling and certifications. Luckily there are numerous welding schools located all over the United States. In this list, we've gathered a list of some of the best welding schools in Ohio.

Best Welding Schools In Texas

Best Welding Schools in Texas
Pursuing a career in the welding industry can offer so many great rewards. From high paying welding jobs to opportunities for traveling, you can see why a lot more people have been choosing welding as their first career choice. Although becoming a welder in any field will require a good bit of training, experience, and certifications. Luckily all over the US, there are countless amazing welding schools that can provide everything you'll need.

What is Welder’s Lung?

What is welders lung
Welder's Lung, or referred to as Pneumosiderosis, is a lung disease that occurs with constant exposure to iron dust. Welder's Lung commonly develops in welders, but usually takes years of working in the industry for symptoms to show. With chronic exposure to iron dust, people have also been known to develop Interstitial Lung Disease, Chronic Bronchitis and the worsening of Pneumosiderosis symptoms.
can you look at solar eclipse with welding helmet
The short answer is Yes you can look at a solar eclipse with a welding helmet. According to NASA, you will be safe using a welding helmet with at least Shade 12, "Experts suggest that one widely available filter for safe solar viewing is welders glass of sufficiently high number. The only ones that are safe for direct viewing of the Sun with your eyes are those of Shade 12 or higher." Although most people (including myself) find that Shade 13 gives the most optimal view. Just don't go up to Shade 14 or else the solar eclipse will end up being too dark.