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How Long Does Welder’s Flash Burn Last?
Flash burns are a common occurrence in welding. Welder’s flash burn lasts for about 5-10 seconds and is created when a welder pours out an arc to remove material from a weld. When the welder removes the arc, metal particles fly off the weld and into the air, which can be very dangerous. In order
Welding Oxygen the Same as Medical Oxygen
Welding Oxygen is a mixture of gases for use in a welding torch. Welding Oxygen is NOT the same as Medical Oxygen. In fact, Welding Oxygen has vastly different uses than does Medical Oxygen. Medical oxygen is used for oxygen treatment and delivery to patients with oxygen deficient blood; this is the reason why medical
Oil Rig Welder Salary
Oil Rig Welder Salary is called as the most stressful job. The oil rig welder is involved in very hazardous and difficult task of welding the pipes and pipelines that are made of steel. The work involves highly technical knowledge and mechanical aptitude. The main duty of the oil rig welder is to connect steel
8010 Welding Rod
8010 Welding Rod is a widely used welding rod. Millions of welding machines are used worldwide, so it’s important to know how to use the 8010 Welding Rod. 8010 Welding Rod is a good substitute for the 8011 Welding Rod, which has chemical reaction with oxygen in air and will cause explosion or fire too.