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Welding Schools Colleges USA
Choosing a career in welding can be highly rewarding and can mean exciting opportunities for travel and compensation. Welding requires a significant level of skill, and many potential employees find that their experience is more marketable once they’ve received quality training from a well-respected welding school. Investing in a formal welding education can help take you from your dead-end job to a well-paid, skilled craftsman. Finding the top welding school for your budget and lifestyle can be a challenge. Below, we’ve gathered the Best Welding Schools In The USA, based on the criteria of affordability, opportunities, and training.
Different Types of Welding
Whether you are a skilled welder, or hobbyist, you may be familiar with the four different types of welding processes. Welding is a process of fusing a wide variety of materials together that requires the application of heat and pressure to conjoin materials. While all forms of welding seek to accomplish the fusion of materials, there are four different kinds of welding techniques that are imperative to know. Each process of welding is unique, and has a variety of features to consider.

Badass Welding Hoods

Save Phace Gen Y Marvel Venom Helmet Review
If you want to buy a Badass Welding Helmet or a Badass Welding Hood, you have come to the right place to start. There is a whole new class of welding helmet and hood you may not have heard of yet.
lincoln viking 3250d fgs
When it comes to welding helmets, most welders will have at least one favorite welding helmet that they use for those important projects. For me, that welding helmet has been the Viking 3350 and I never thought the time would come when I'd find a new favorite. However, I was proved wrong when I finally got my hands on Lincoln's newer helmet, the Viking 3250D FGS.