Small Welding Projects From Scrap Metal

Instead of seeing a pile of scrap as garbage, us welders see something different. We see material that can be repurposed for something. Whether that something is a Christmas welding project you've been wanting to make for someone special or to patch a hole in your old truck, the possibilities are nearly endless. For those needing some creative inspiration, we’ve included a list below of our favorite small welding projects from scrap metal that should help spark your creative side.

Small Scrap Metal Welding Projects

Minion Scrap Metal Project

Small Welded Chain Snake

Small Welded Scrap Flower Yard Art

Welded Turkey Scrap Art

Welded Scrap Rooster

If you’re still having trouble thinking of what to weld with your scrap, try checking out some welding forums online. You’ll find loads of people who love sharing their creations, along with giving you some helpful pointers.

Lastly, don't forget to take the proper safety precautions if you do choose to work with scrap metal. Don't do anything stupid like getting arc flash because you thought wearing a welding helmet was stupid. Be cautious with the scrap metal too, as it comes with its own obvious dangers.

Small Welding Projects From Scrap