The Worst Welds You’ll Ever See

By Joe Stephens •  Updated: 04/01/20 •  1 min read

After gaining some experience as a welder, you’ll most likely find yourself critiquing other welds you see in the wild. I find myself doing this all the time and I can’t believe all the terrible welds I’ve seen. Although when I first starting learning the GMAW process a long time ago, my welds were pretty bad.

Looking at bad welds can have some benefits. Besides obviously looking at bad welds for a laugh, they can teach you a lot about what not to do. So we decided to gather a list of some of the world’s worst welds for you to gawk at!

The Worst Welds

1. Really Bad Pipe Weld

2. I Don’t Even Understand This

3. Bad MIG Weld

4. Bad TIG Weld

5. Send It Back

6. I Might Throw Up

7. WTF

8. Someone Got Paid For This

9. Why

10. Was This On Purpose?

11. Don’t Stare At It

12. From A Professional Welder

13. Just Why

14. Would You Trust This?

15. Last But Not Least

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Joe Stephens

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