The Worst Welds You'll Ever See

After gaining some experience as a welder, you'll most likely find yourself critiquing other welds you see in the wild. I find myself doing this all the time and I can't believe all the terrible welds I've seen. Although when I first starting learning the GMAW process a long time ago, my welds were pretty bad.

Looking at bad welds can have some benefits. Besides obviously looking at bad welds for a laugh, they can teach you a lot about what not to do. So we decided to gather a list of some of the world's worst welds for you to gawk at!

The Worst Welds

1. Really Bad Pipe Weld

7. WTF

8. Someone Got Paid For This

9. Why

10. Was This On Purpose?

11. Don't Stare At It

12. From A Professional Welder

14. Would You Trust This?

15. Last But Not Least

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