Top 7 Accredited Welding Schools In The US

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Many people interested in welding have been asking for information regarding the best welding schools in America. Getting information on the best welding schools that fit your lifestyle and budget in the US is a difficult task. We have composed a list of schools that could suit students’ requirements.

Our research made us know that the welding training course enables a complete understanding of welding, provides insight on the best welding procedures, and where would be the most preferred welding area. Getting trained in professional welding from the best welding schools in the US increases your chance of learning the process in a short time and getting quality offers after your training is complete. If you are not sure whether you have enough skills to take a course, mind that there are essay help services that are always available to help you with writing different kinds of academic assignments and papers.

However, we would list the result of our research below, so you can know the best welding schools to attend in the US.

Top 7 Accredited Welding Schools In The US


Top 7 Accredited Welding Schools In The US

In this section, we have compiled the result of our research, and we have listed the top seven schools you can attend if you want quality welding education to prepare you for your career ahead and keep you gainfully employed.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology located in the state of Ohio is the first on the list. They specialize in different welding programs which have sort of grown their reputation.

They also offer a wide range of welding services and also make high-quality welding equipment. People who attend this school are taught MIG and tig welds which is the bedrock of this institute. Even though they are very popular, they’re one of the most affordable welding schools around.

You can learn all modern training methods here and students can choose to enroll in online sessions to receive an individual training program. You can attend Hobart Institute of Welding Technology for $16, 000 and get any type of program you want from pipe welding to Gas metal Arc welding or combinational welding and flux Cored Arc Welding.

Tulsa Welding School

This is the largest welding school on the list which has three campuses across the US and that is one of the reasons it makes this list. The Jacksonville and Tulsa campuses offer a professional 7-month welding program that mandates 80% hands-on experience in the welding business.

Students will be assigned to an experienced welder who they will work with in a controlled atmosphere as the practical sample while attending classes once a week. If you successfully graduate from Tulsa, you can pursue a career in pipefitting, welding, air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and electrical services which is just a section of the wide range of fields available.

When you graduate, you’re awarded an American Welding Society-approved certificate which shows that you have the idea of the services they require and spent time earning a highly regarded certificate as proof of study.

To study at Tulsa, you need to pay $25000 and can choose to study at any of their campuses at Tulsa, Jacksonville, and Houston or you can request a relocation program should you need one.

Lincoln Electric Welding School

The Lincoln Electric Welding School is regarded as the third-best welding institution in the country by US News & World Report. The first Lincoln Electric Welding School started in 1917 and has gone on to become one of the best welding schools in the country.

When you enroll to study at Lincoln, you can choose between 8 advanced and fundamental welding courses. Also, students get to be tutored by the best instructors available to guide and supervise them in their line of study.

You will be awarded a Diploma should you complete your program and this would help you land some of the most prestigious welding jobs available in the industry.

Advanced Welding Institute

The Advanced welding institute is another popular welding school in the US known for its emphasis on practical classes and the quality of its instructors. The people who started the advanced welding institute did so to support its sister organization Vermont Nondestructive Testing in 2003.

The programs offered in this institute help students to know all there is about welding in a short time preferably weeks/months. You can attend classes on any of their two campuses South of Eagle River in Wisconsin and Vermont.

You can receive an ASME, API, or AWS certificate upon completion of your welding program which guarantees you a 90% chance of getting a job.

Modern Welding School

Modern welding school was created in New York in 1936 and features as one of the best welding schools in America. The tutors and professors in the school are all New York certified educators with enough welding experience.

To get started in this school, you have to pay $15, 300 and you can register to study as a hobbyist, woman, or veteran. Students are allowed to create their schedules to learn all aspects of welding at their convenience.

When you sign up to study here, it covers Structural, Acetylene, Pipe, TIG, and MIG welding. Also, as a student, you’re constantly informed of the recent development and changes in your line of study.

Welder Training & Testing Institute

This is another one of the best welding schools in the US. They are accredited by the NYC Department of Buildings and the American Welding Society.  This school offers a 740-hour program that excludes blueprints reading and pipe fitting.

Students are allowed to register at their facility in Allentown but must cover the cost of their accommodation themselves. To study at this school, students must pay a discount of $8140 for their welder fitting program and training in their shop, or they pay $9900 for only welder fitting programs.

Davis Applied Technology College

People who apply to Davis Applied Technology College are guaranteed to find a welding job after they complete their welding program. The way which DATC trains their students, they are sure of earning respect from their future employers due to the AWS recognized qualification.

Any person with no idea of what welding entails can learn all about welding from this college which includes flux core arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding.

These are the best welding schools in the US, although these are not the only schools one can attend. You should carefully consider what type of welding education you require because a certificate from a technical institute weighs more but can’t be compared to a certificate from a welding school.

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