Welding Memes – Only A Welder Can Understand

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We all know that the job of welding is one of the most dangerous ones; however, it can be funny. Most of us do not know that welding is not a simple job. It requires hard work and knowledge. A welder must be very careful in order to make sure that the weld is done correctly. There are many memes about welding because there are many things a welder can find amusing.

Here are a few:

1). “I’m sorry I forgot my lunch, but I can’t stop welding long enough to go get something to eat. It’s hot, sweaty, and smoky in that shop, and I’ve got an understanding boss. I’ll get a bite when I’m done.”

Welding Meme 1


This is a very funny meme. It is about the life of a welder who is always working hard on the job.

2). “I told my co-workers that they should weld more often; they will lose weight… and their minds.”

Welding Meme 2

It is true that this job builds muscles in your body; however, it does not help one’s mind. A welder needs to be very careful with what they are doing because the smallest mistake can cost a person’s life.

3). “I’m not crazy, my wife is a welder.”

Welding Meme 3

This meme is funny because it is true. A woman that is a welder does not have time for a family. She spends a lot of time at work and, therefore, has no time for her family.

4). “I’m a welder, and I have the scars to prove it.”

Welding Meme 4

This meme is funny because welding is not a safe job and many welders get injured. They need to be very careful while they are welding.

5). “I’m not lazy, I’m just more productive when I’m welding.”

Welding Meme 5

This meme is funny because during the time a person is welding they are relaxing and not doing anything at all.

6). “I’m a welder, and I can’t think of anything that I don’t know about welding.”

Welding Meme 6

This meme is funny because most of the people do not know how difficult it is to become a welder. This job requires hard work and knowledge. It takes years to be an expert in this job.

7). “You know you’re a welder when…”

Welding Meme 7

This meme is funny because it describes the life of a welder and how hard they work on the job.

8) “How to recognize a welder”

Welding Meme 8

Question #1: “How to recognize a welder”

Many of us, or all of us, have been asked how to recognize a welder. There are many ways that will help you recognize a welder.

You can tell that he is a welder if:

9) “Welding is not a job, it’s an art”

Everyone can do welding but not everyone can be a welder. In order to be a welder, you must have the right skills and the knowledge of how to use your tools safely. You need to know how to recognize dangerous situations and how to avoid them by using your skills and knowledge.

10) “There are two kinds of welders: bad ones and apprentice welders”

Welding Meme 10

Many people think that there are only bad welders; however, that is not true. Welding is a job that requires experience and skills; you cannot get experience overnight. Many apprentices start with simple welds and learn how to weld different objects step-by-step. It is only after they gain enough experience can they become a good welder.

11) “A welder’s work is never done”

Welding Meme 11

A welder’s work is never done no matter what he does. He has to keep working even if he gets tired because the job must be done correctly in order to avoid any trouble in the future.

12) “You’ll never be a good welder if you don’t use your head!”

Welding Meme 12

Many welders think that the most important part of welding is to be fast, but that is not true. If you do not use your head, you will make a mistake and there will be trouble.

13) “Welding is like falling in love”

Welding Meme 13

When you fall in love with someone, you don’t know why. You just do it. Welding is like falling in love because when you start welding, you do not know why or how but after a while, it becomes a hobby for you and then something more than a hobby.

14). “When you’re a welder, you spend half your time wishing you were an engineer.”

Welding Meme 14

This meme is funny because it describes the life of a welder; however, it also describes a person that does not know anything about welding.

15). “I’m not crazy, I’m just electro-erodible.”

Welding Meme 15

This meme is funny because it describes the welder’s life. Welding is an electric job and it can be very dangerous if a person is not careful.

16).”I’m a welder and I’ve forgotten more about welding than you’ll ever know.”

Welding Meme 16

This meme is funny because it describes how hard we have to work in order to become experts in this job.


Welding is very dangerous, but welder memes can make it a little bit better. They help us understand the difficulties and the dangers of this job. Welding is a dangerous job, but it can be funny. Welding is a great job and a lot of people respect the work and hard work that goes into it.

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