Welding Projects To Make Money At Home

One of the fantastic things about having a welder is the fact you can make money working at home. Whether you're welding at home for your primary income or just for some beer money, it's pretty nice to be able to go to your garage for work.

The welding projects we've gathered below should help you get the wheels spinning in your head. They're some of the more popular choices welders working at home like to make. If you're still having trouble thinking of what to make, try checking out some welding forums and Facebook pages or groups for ideas. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to add to the list. 

Welding Projects To Make Money

Don't forget that you still need to take safety seriously when you're welding at home. Even if you're low on money, you can easily find a welding helmet for cheap. This way you don't end up messing up your eyes from welder's flash